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Stories from Target

Stories from Target

December 5, 2006 by  
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Another great story from the WGTS 91.9 inbox …

Please allow me a small spot on your show to convey my appreciation to two very special people.

I was shopping in Target Stores at Towson Market Place in Baltimore on Saturday 2nd December and unfortunately lost my wallet in the bustle of the holiday season. I am currently a student and this misfortune came at the worst possible time. I searched the entire store, left my information at the front desk and sadly returned home, no wallet, no identification and no access to any funds. But you know what? I remembered how my God always comes through for me, so although I was a little concerned about losing the wallet, I said a prayer and knew something would work out. About three hours later, I received a call from my roommate who just happened to be outside my apartment building at the time. She told me that there was someone downstairs who had found my wallet. I was very surprised by this news; as I was not expecting to ever see it again and went down to meet them. It was an elderly woman with someone who appeared to be her son. They had found my wallet at the store and tried to find me to return it. However, my driver’s license had my old address on it and so they had been driving around looking for me, without luck. As it so happens (I must say God), I had left an MVA card with my new address on it at the back of my wallet and they found it. It was only God that that card was there and that my roommate was downstairs at that exact time as there is no access to the building without a key.

I was so happy to get my wallet! I told them thank you and wished them a Merry Christmas, however in my haste, I forgot to get their information so that I could send them a thank you card! And I know that I didn’t do enough to thank them! In a world and a society with so much mistrust and hate, where people only look out for their individual needs and what’s best for them, it is so good to know that people like these still exist! I didn’t know how long they were driving or how they far they had come to find me. So I wanted to let them know how much I appreciated what they did! And I don’t think that it was simply because of Christmas, but because they were genuinely good people and were willing to do something for another…

So to these two people Thank you so much! I hope you hear this! May God continue to bless you and your family for years to come! – Sincerely, Janine”


One Response to “Stories from Target”
  1. Katie says:

    That is so cool! iknow exactly what you mean, it’s happened to me before. Only in my case it was my whole purse!!!!! Aghhh! Luckily someone turned it in. Thank you whoever and whereever you are!

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