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  • I think this is why my plants won’t grow…

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    Mullet Watch 2008

    Well, I’m back from Bristol, and sadly…I didn’t see any mullets.  But I did see one awesome race!  Here are some of the photos from the track.  I may... Read More

    Drum contest

    This is Zack playing drums on his Grave Digger Monster Truck and trash truck.  He is using a hammer and screw driver for his sticks.  Read More →

    Mullet Watch 2008

    No mullets yet.  But I did have fun looking at those amazing cars!  Read More →

    On Vacation, Off to have NASCAR fantasies in Bristol!!

    It’s been said this is the hardest sporting event to get tickets to, and I am blessed to be able to go. Bristol night race baby!! Boy do I have really nice friends.... Read More

    Music Builds Flip & Jam Contest

    Here is my submission (although I’m not allowed to win), a Haiku for Mr. Micheal Phelps.  Read More →

    What Michael Phelps EATS!!

    If you watched the little special NBC had on Phelps yesterday you learned that Michael Phelps is not only a swimming machine but an eating machine. By order he is supposed... Read More

    Today on the Morning Show

    Angela nags Brennan about eating bread and not reading labels and not eating healthy. Angela nags Brennan a lot.  Read More →

    Flip & Jam Contest – Brian Wilson

    You don’t need to have any musical ability to win this contest…but it doesn’t hurt. Go Brian! Showcase them mad skills!  Read More →

    Steven Curtis Chapman on GMA

    He was interviewed on GMA yesterday morning. He’ll be on Larry King tonight. You can watch the interview here.  Read More →

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