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  • I think this is why my plants won’t grow…

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    Mullet Watch 2008

    Well, I’m back from Bristol, and sadly…I didn’t see any mullets.  But I did see one awesome race!  Here are some of the photos from the track.  I may... Read More

    Drum contest

    This is Zack playing drums on his Grave Digger Monster Truck and trash truck.  He is using a hammer and screw driver for his sticks.  Read More →

    Mullet Watch 2008

    No mullets yet.  But I did have fun looking at those amazing cars!  Read More →

    On Vacation, Off to have NASCAR fantasies in Bristol!!

    It’s been said this is the hardest sporting event to get tickets to, and I am blessed to be able to go. Bristol night race baby!! Boy do I have really nice friends.... Read More

    What Michael Phelps EATS!!

    If you watched the little special NBC had on Phelps yesterday you learned that Michael Phelps is not only a swimming machine but an eating machine. By order he is supposed... Read More

    Flip & Jam Contest – Brian Wilson

    You don’t need to have any musical ability to win this contest…but it doesn’t hurt. Go Brian! Showcase them mad skills!  Read More →

    Darrell Green’s Hall of Fame Speech

    I was really moved by the end of his speech where he talked no-holds-bar about his faith. Here are the highlights.  Read More →

    This is how Rob likes to waste time at work in the afternoon

    I know because he sent me the link. Monkey Kick-Off It’s a good thing he’s not a brain surgeon or rocket scientist.  Read More →

    Christian the Lion

    If you love cats, or really just animals in general, you’ll love this heartwarming video. I can just imagine what our reunion in heaven will look like…  Read More →