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Love Written in Stone

Love Written in Stone

May 27, 2011 by  
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Many Christians don’t know what to think of the Bible’s commands, as they often seem legalistic and burdensome. But Philip Carlson reveals that God instructs us because he loves us as a father loves his children. Recent research in the health sciences demonstrates that following God’s guidelines produces wellness and wholeness in our lives. Readers will be encouraged to learn that the sciences are catching up to what God has been saying all along about family relationships, nutrition, rest, and more.

“Carlson, a physician and minister, looks closely at what separates Christians from God. “Sin is a core issue in health and wellness. It leads to self-damaging behavior while godliness leads to healthful choices,” he writes. By contrast, positive emotions like forgiveness, gratitude, love, joy, patience, and commitment lead the Christian to a life worth living. He also believes that marriage is key to a happy life. It is necessary to stay well in the spirit and with our emotions, as well as physically. Carlson draws on not only the Bible but also such spiritual writers as Bonhoeffer and Francis Schaeffer. He concludes that the reader has a stewardship of influence in the world. God calls us to care for ourselves and then care for the world around us. This well-written treatise on creation and on the care of ourselves and the world will appeal to Christians interested in getting a life in sync with the Bible.”

Source: Publisher’s Weekly

You can listen to the full interview below.

J. Neville Harcombe

J. Neville Harcombe

May 12, 2011 by  
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There will be a special memorial service at WGTS Gateway Fellowship this Saturday, May 28 at 6 PM.

J. Neville Harcombe, president and chair of WGTS 91.9 FM and vice-chair of WGTS parent organization Washington Adventist University, passed away in his sleep early Wednesday morning.

WGTS chaplain Pete Garza remembers how joyous and happy he was all the time and how he always made things happen. “For me,” Garza recalls “he was a mentor, an inspiration, and someone I aspire to be like.”

Pastor Harcombe had a passion for music and evangelism. He began his pastoral ministry as a singing evangelist with his wife Cindy. Harcombe would go on to pastor many churches all over North America, but he was a missionary at heart. He stressed the importance of missions and encouraged colleagues, church members, and radio listeners to engage and participate in various mission programs, including the WGTS mission program to Africa that he started.

As president and chair of WGTS,  Harcombe was influential in the process of growing WGTS and expanding the reach of its message. Harcombe and WGTS General Manager John Konrad were making plans to help two organizations establish radio stations in Liberia and South Africa, and in fact already had trips planned. Konrad says “it is the greatest privilege to have known Neville for 30 years, and when he became my boss 4 years ago, I was ecstatic just thinking about working alongside him and the possibilities his leadership would create for WGTS. He was a strong, even keeled leader for both WGTS and me personally. I’m going to miss him horribly.”

Pastor Harcombe was a friend and witness to people all over the world; his legacy and life’s work will continue to light the path for people everywhere.

“The station and Gateway Fellowship are forever indebted to him,” Garza says. “His legacy will carry on through churches, the station, and the missions. I’m going to miss him a lot. But we are dedicated to continuing his legacy, and to carry the torch that he handed down to us.”

There will be a Tribute Show aired during Breakaway on Friday May 13 at 7:30 PM and again on Saturday May 14 at 9 AM.  A memorial service will be held at Sligo Adventist Church in Takoma Park, MD on May 20. A second service will take place at WGTS Gateway, May 28 at 6pm. For more, please click here.

-A. Wilson

Paul Damazo – 80 Proven Ways to Become a Millionaire

Paul Damazo – 80 Proven Ways to Become a Millionaire

May 6, 2011 by  
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80 Proven Ways to Become a Millionaire, All you need is two or three!Wealth is not a matter of chance, its a matter of choice—Your choice alone!

This book covers finances from the womb to the tomb, and offers significant financial solutions and options. It will teach you how to take charge of your own financial future. You will learn:

$ How to earn an average annual return of 15% on all investments.
$ How to leave college debt-free without the help of your parents, and have more than $300,000 invested by graduation.
$ How newlyweds can be worth $10 million 20 years from their wedding day.
$ How to use your home to make you a millionaire.
$ How your children can be worth $15 million by age 45 so they can retire wealthy and young.
$ Two simple investments that will pay you 100% per year-for life!
$ How to become a millionaire, even if you’re starting late!

Paul S. Damazo started investing at age 15. For 50 years, his proven investment strategies have earned him an annual average return of 15% or more. He shows how almost anyone can become a millionaire and even a multimillionaire. Paul is an accomplished businessman, a generous philanthropist, and a proven inspirer. For more than 20 years, he has helped untold numbers of people all across the country with his Wealth Creation and Wealth Preservation seminars. He has a passion for helping people, especially young people, to have a more rewarding, happy life by making better financial decisions.