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  • How Do I Forget?

    Chaplain Terry talks with Dr. Ralph Martino about how to deal with problems in your past. How many times have we struggled with memories that haunted us for days and months... Read More

    Breakaway: Kay Rizzo

    Girls can’t be preachers! Or so six-year-old Kay was told. If she couldn’t be a preacher, the child decided to become a teacher. “Teachers talk almost as... Read More

    Blanca’s Nicaragua Journal

    Tomorrow is the Big Day I can’t believe tomorrow is the BIG day.  I’m travelling to Nicaragua –by myself!  Without my husband and without carrying a diaper bag and... Read More

    Hope for Parents of Troubled Teens

    Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing you can do. Your teenager or young adult is rebellious, distant, or depressed, and you feel helpless as you try to break through... Read More

    God Encounters: Real: A Young Adults Worship Experience

    God Encounters: Real: A Young Adults Worship Experience

    Young Adults Connect, a Ministry of the New Hope Adventist Church, in association with WGTS 91.9fm, GODencounters and supporting ministries present Real: a Young Adults Worship... Read More