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Have You Seen this Girl? – FOUND

Have You Seen this Girl? – FOUND

August 4, 2006 by  
Filed under Rob Conway

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWhen I was growing up I remember seeing those milk cartons with the pictures of missing children. Honestly, I didn’t give it much thought because either I didn’t know them or figuring I’d never see them anyway. Then there was Elizabeth Smart. That really changed my perspective a bit as I realized there really is hope. The media hyped it up, but a good person who had seen her picture helped find her captors.

Sadly, there is a 15 year-old girl from Springfield who is missing. I don’t even want to imagine what her parents must be going through, but I’m sure they are just beside themselves. Her name is Britnee Marshall and she was last seen on July 27th. They say she could be anywhere at this point from Virginia to California. She deleted all her e-mails, my space, old cell numbers, and shredded all of her journals.

Please keep this family in your prayers, at the very least. If you do happen to have any information, please contact her dad at Jeff@re-aligned.com and of course your local police department.



2 Responses to “Have You Seen this Girl? – FOUND”
  1. Jessica says:

    Heyyy, haha okay soooo

    Britnee is my homegirl. I love that chick, shes fine and home now. everythings legit. She typed her name in google and found this haha. Anyway, we’re all quite amused that shes like pretty much famous. word.

  2. ashleigh says:

    this is my yougner sister. i remember when this happened. i cried everyntie wondering were she was ckause i was the last person that saw her before she had left. i missed her soo much when she left && i was so happy when she came home. im so glad nothing happened to her. shes my bestfriend in the whoel world =D

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