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    Unfortunately, we don’t always get to air every Family Name Game story that comes in. Here’s a great one. It was this line that really hit home for me: “When Jacob came in this world he gave me a whole new pespective on the living meaning of love”.

    Today the name game was “JACOB”.

    I was listening and I wanted to call so bad,
    but I to keep working this job I’m woking on has got a real short deadline. Today the name game was Jacob, so here goes. My son has just turned three on August 24′ 2006, god he’s blessed my wife and I with a wonderful son he is smart as a whip, he knows what respect is, and he loves to pray with us at dinner, singing the songs on the radio,( I think his favorite band is Jeremy Camp). I thank God everyday for the gift he has giving my family. He is growing up a loving child, always wanting to be with his bigger sister Schaylene ( she’s 8 ). sh’es a whole another story I could write for days on. And she’s only my stepdaughter.
    When Jacob came in this world he gave me a whole new pespective on the living meaning of love. God has blessed me with great gifts in my life, and three gifts are with me always my wife Cherie, Schaylene, and Jacob. and everyday I give him thanks for them all.

    Forever love,
    Corey B.

    Corey, Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Remember, you’re always invited to join the Morning Show with Brennan and Becky each morning from 5:30 to 10, at 1.877.WGTS919. God bless and hope you enjoy the holiday!

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