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  • Pays to Pray

    Pays to Pray

    UPDATE: Since this article was written, the diner mentioned here has come under fire with threats of lawsuits. As a result they have decided to no longer provide this discount... Read More

    Baby Conway is here!

    After cooking in momma’s belly for a very long 9 months, our new baby boy arrived this past Saturday, the 20th at 5:42am. Caleb Dean Conway came into the world at a... Read More

    Christian the Lion

    If you love cats, or really just animals in general, you’ll love this heartwarming video. I can just imagine what our reunion in heaven will look like…  Read More →

    Downhere Download!

    It’s time to expand your music library! It doesn’t happen very often, but the group Downhere (they do those songs “How Many Kings” & “Little... Read More

    Idol does Shout to the Lord

    By popular demand, I’ve posted both performances of the Idol contestants doing “Shout to the Lord.” Many of you noticed they took out the word “Jesus”... Read More

    Washed By the Water

    If you’ve heard the new song “Washed By the Water” from Needtobreathe, well here’s the video that goes with it! I think we’ve all been through... Read More

    Love Is Not a Fight

    It’s not very often that I come across a song where the lyrics just about knock me out of my seat. But Warren Barfield’s latest song “Love Is Not a Fight”... Read More

    Saving $$ at the Pump

    Well, just in time for one of the busiest travel days of the year (the day before Thanksgiving), gas prices have hit an all-time high. And we’re just beginning to see... Read More

    Overprotective Parent

    Is it possible to be an overprotective parent? It seems there is some arbitrary line from being a normally protective parent to being overprotective. I don’t know if... Read More

    Summer Vacations

    [thumb:602:l] I remember going back to school after a nice summer break and each year the teacher would give us an assignment to answer the question ‘What did you do... Read More

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