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  • Metro Miracles

    Today at 5 PM, two Red line trains collided resulting in several injuries and fatalities. It is the biggest accident in Metro’s 33-year history. As we learn more of... Read More

    The New Face of Highway Safety??

      A student from NC State came up with this clever little sculpture affectionately dubbed the “barrel monster.”  Police don’t think it’s so cute... Read More

    WGTS Night of Hope – Trusting God

    WGTS Chaplain Terry Johnsson explains what it means to really trust God at the first WGTS Night of Hope. You can join us at the next Night of Hope on November 13.  Read More →

    Before he became an “American Idol”

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    Hope vs. Discouragement

    We can all get discouraged at work from time to time, even if you have the greatest job, boss, co-workers, and salary on planet Earth.  Don’t know why, but I have been... Read More

    The First (and probably last) WGTS Great Broccoli Taste-Off

    Recap: Brennan cheated and brought in Panda Express’s Terriaki Broccoli instead of making the broccoli recipes Angela sent to him which honorary tasters Zack (7) and... Read More

    Who Does That?!?

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    Girl Scout Cookies Controversy

    An 8-year-old girl scout decided to go online to sell her cookies in hopes of selling 12,000 boxes to send her troop to summer camp.  When the other parents found out they... Read More

    Brennan & Angela’s Great Broccoli-Taste Off

    Maybe it’s hard to get your kids to eat their vegetables.  We’d like to help make it a little easier with these recipes sent in for our Great Broccoli Taste-off... Read More

    John’s Favorite Pancake Recipe

    In celebration of pancake day here’s our General Manager’s favorite pancake recipe. Rice Griddle-cakes II 1 cup milk Yolks 2 eggs 1 cup warm boiled rice Whites... Read More

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