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  • What Michael Phelps EATS!!

    If you watched the little special NBC had on Phelps yesterday you learned that Michael Phelps is not only a swimming machine but an eating machine. By order he is supposed... Read More

    Flip & Jam Contest – Brian Wilson

    You don’t need to have any musical ability to win this contest…but it doesn’t hurt. Go Brian! Showcase them mad skills!  Read More →

    Darrell Green’s Hall of Fame Speech

    I was really moved by the end of his speech where he talked no-holds-bar about his faith. Here are the highlights.  Read More →

    This is how Rob likes to waste time at work in the afternoon

    I know because he sent me the link. Monkey Kick-Off It’s a good thing he’s not a brain surgeon or rocket scientist.  Read More →

    Hans Diehl’s Health Power Part 2

    Listen to Part 2 of Gerry Fuller’s with Dr. Hans Diehl. Order a copy here  Podcast: Play in new window | Download  Read More →

    Hans Diehl’s Health Power Part 1

    Gerry Fuller interviews Dr Hans Diehl, the author of Health Power about changing your diet and lifestyle. Order a copy here  Podcast: Play in new window | Download  Read More →

    Chillin’ with TobyMac

    During last night’s concert, we spent some time with TobyMac. We talked about family, being cool and Toby’s fashion sense. You can watch the interview below.  Read More →

    Chatting with Matthew West

    We got a chance to hang out with Matthew West before last night’s concert. We talked about dieting, blogging and appreciating god’s gifts. You can watch the interview... Read More

    Howard Lyman Part 2

    Part 2 of Gerry Fuller’s interview with Howard Lyman. Oder a copy here  Podcast: Play in new window | Download  Read More →

    Howard Lyman Part 1

    Howard F. Lyman was born in Great Falls, Montana, on September 17, 1938. He was raised on a farm that produced dairy and meat commodities. He attended Montana State University... Read More

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