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Ben Carson “The Big Picture” Part 2

Ben Carson “The Big Picture” Part 2

June 1, 2007 by  
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http://www.umich.edu/~bmasnma/Profiles/carson.jpgIn his grade school days, Ben Carson would hardly have been voted “most likely to become a famous surgeon.” His classmates had already given him another label: class dummy. Then a light clicked on for Ben—and a consuming passion for learning that catapulted him from “zero” test grades to a Yale scholarship, a pioneering role in modern medicine, and an influence that has extended from inner-city schools to corporate boardrooms and Washington corridors of power.What made the difference? Belief in his own potential, a commitment to education and making the most of his opportunities to learn, determination to make the world a better place, and faith in a God who knows no limits. Seeing the Big Picture.

In The Big Picture, Ben Carson reveals the spiritual and philosophical foundations that undergird not just his dramatic career, but his approach to all of life. As in his best-selling Gifted Hands, Dr. Carson shares colorful, behind-the-scenes anecdotes. As in Think Big, he describes his practical principles for success. But The Big Picture is neither an autobiography nor a personal-effectiveness manual. Rather, it’s a multifaceted look at the faith and vision that can see us all through hardship and failure, and stir us to bold exploits on behalf of something greater than ourselves.

Dr. Carson begins by describing how he cultivated a Big-Picture perspective in his own life. Then he discusses ways in which all of us can approach parenting, family, business, and friendships with the Big Picture in mind. Finally, he looks at some pressing social issues—in particular, racial diversity, health care, and education—and considers how we ought to view them and what we should do about them in the light of the Big Picture.


2 Responses to “Ben Carson “The Big Picture” Part 2”
  1. Lisa Clayton says:

    Hi, I have a wonderful relationship with Dr. Carson. He was my daughter’s doctor and took very good care of her. Her case was one he would never forget. So much so, he put her story in this book. It is in the very end. Her name was Cynthia Clayton. She was gone for many years, and one day I got a package in the mail. It was the book The Big Picture. Autographed with a very touching message. He is a wonderful man and Doctor. A must read book!

  2. Dear Dr. Gerry,

    I came across this blog a moment ago, I truly appreciate you sharing this amazing book about such an inspiring individual. I enjoyed the entire interview and I will certainly add his book to my reading list.

    Best Regards,

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