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  • Bosses Day Haikus

    October 16, 2007 by  
    Filed under Blogs

    We love our boss so much we decided to write a few haiku’s about him. Feel free to leave some about your boss too!

    Haiku #1

    My Lord McFarland

    With majesty you click print

    Your emails are gold

    Haiku #2

    My liege McFarland

    Like an aardvark in the spring

    You scroll through web pages

    Haiku #3

    O Sire McFarland

    Like Mel Gibson in Braveheart

    You fight for nachos

    Haiku #4

    My boss is happy

    He plays all day long at work

    Does he really work?

    Haiku #5

    O McFarland-san

    With Homer Simpson’s great grace

    You’ll surely fire me

    Haiku #6

    Station Master John

    Our welfare revolves around

    Signing our timecards 


    3 Responses to “Bosses Day Haikus”
    1. Adam says:

      This was a great idea (haikus)!

      I’m a Woodson High School teacher (Fairfax, VA), and will miss my principal, scheduled to retire this month. Here’s my haiku:

      Principal Elliot

      Corny jokes, your specialty

      An honor to have worked for

    2. I’m sure your job is still safe, but Hallmark probably isn’t going to call….

    3. Douglas says:

      hello angela, that was so cute.You are really creative.

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