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  • Buffy Halvorsen – “Forgiveness” Part 1

    June 8, 2007 by  
    Filed under Breakaway

    Buffy Halvorsen, marriage and family therapist, joins Gerry Fuller to discuss forgiveness. Buffy Halvorsen is also the wife of Ron Halvorsen, Jr., the senior pastor of the Sligo SDA Church.


    One Response to “Buffy Halvorsen – “Forgiveness” Part 1”
    1. Call Me Ann says:

      I’m having such a hard time dealing with anger. When my mind is filled up with so many thoughts that I become speechless, I start crying. And when I start crying, I begin to eat. Eating food ,when I”m not even hungary, keeps me from crying. Crying makes me feel akward.

      As I listened to this discussiong, my eyes filled up with tears and I stopped listening to it. During my childhood years, I was taught not to cry.

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