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  • Matthew West – The Story of Your Life

    March 2, 2012 by  
    Filed under Breakaway

    When Grammy-nominated recording artist Matthew West started writing his top-selling new album, The Story of Your Life (Sparrow, 2010) he asked fans to submit personal experiences. More than 10,000 tales of hope, perseverance, and redemption poured in. With friend and author Angela Thomas, West presents some of these powerful stories paired with meaningful devotions they inspired.

    • Wendy gave birth to her daughter in jail. When all seemed hopeless, she found God and her life transformed into something beautiful.
    • Cory, a married youth pastor, had an affair and his life fell apart. With God’s mercy, he and his wife gathered the broken pieces and started again.
    • Sheila always struggled with severe insecurity. Now she lives confidently in the purpose God has for her.

    This unforgettable devotional journey inspires readers to discover God as the author of their unique lives and to share the power of their story.

    Listen to Matthew’s interview with Chaplain Terry below.

    How Do I Forget?

    February 24, 2012 by  
    Filed under Breakaway

    Chaplain Terry talks with Dr. Ralph Martino about how to deal with problems in your past.

    How many times have we struggled with memories that haunted us for days and months and even years?  How many times have we prayed for strength to put behind us our past and the pain associated with it?  How many days have we cried over costly decisions that were made whose consequences trouble our present and cloud our future?  What will it take for us to finally get them out of our heads and amputated from our thoughts?

    We have memories locked away in the vault of our mind and secured by the soldiers of the enemy. How do we unlock those memories and free ourselves to forget the past and pursue the future?

    God says in His word to forget the former things, neither consider the things of old. He wants you to let go and stop remembering the mistakes you made, stop dwelling on what others did to you, stop living in the past.

    From the life and experiences of Joseph, Genesis 41:50-52 teaches us that there must be birthed in our lives a “Manasseh” and an “Ephraim” before the issues of life bombard us and leave us trapped in the past, burdened in the present and lost in the future.  What GOD did for Joseph, HE is ready to do for us.  GOD is ready to birth into our lives the power and the knowledge to forget and the power and the knowledge to be fruitful in our greatest area of battle!


    To learn how you must first understand the memory. This book walks the reader through an in-depth and life-changing understanding of the memory leading the reader to finally answer the question, “How Do I Forget?”

    Breakaway: Kay Rizzo

    February 17, 2012 by  
    Filed under Breakaway

    Kay Rizzo

    Girls can’t be preachers! Or so six-year-old Kay was told. If she couldn’t be a preacher, the child decided to become a teacher. “Teachers talk almost as much as preachers,” she reasoned. For Kay, God’s plan included marriage and motherhood, classroom teaching, and the writing her first book. The book paved the way to the pulpit. Kay reminds, “Only God knows what’s around the next bend in your life. Never sell Him short.”

    Chaplain Terry talks to writer, speaker and storyteller, Kay Rizzo whose practical and uplifting messages burst with joy and praise. She is in demand at retreats, conferences and convocations throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and Australia. Her love for travel and adventure is evident in her motto, ”Send ticket; will travel.” A graduate of CLASS (Christian Leaders and Speaker’s Seminars, Inc.), she served on their West Coast teaching staff for ten years.

    Since publishing her first book, Kay has authored 60 more and 1000+ articles. A biography I WILL DIE FREE remained on the publisher’s bestseller list for 10 years and has recently been re-released. Rebecca’s Crossing, volume eight of her family saga, the Serenity Inn Series, was released in 2011.

    New and exciting discoveries await Kay, as she tests the power of e-booking on the Internet and blogging on her web site. “I never imagined blogging could be so much fun,” she quips.

    Kay resides with her husband and business partner, Richard, in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Her greatest riches include her hubby of 40+ years; her two daughters, two sons-in law, two grandsons and a cat named Pepsi.

    Hope for Parents of Troubled Teens

    February 10, 2012 by  
    Filed under Breakaway

    Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing you can do. Your teenager or young adult is rebellious, distant, or depressed, and you feel helpless as you try to break through to the child you used to know so well. But there are actions you can take to begin turning the situation around.

    Chaplain Terry talks to licensed counselor Connie Rae who has seen it all, both in her professional practice and in her personal life with a son who struggled through a drug addiction. She offers encouragement and practical advice on what to say and do, and mistakes to avoid. Whether the situation looks bleak already, or you’re just preparing for the challenges of the years ahead, Hope for Parents of Troubled Teens will open up the world of your teenager’s mind and provide the steps you need to protect and restore your relationship with your child.

    God Encounters: Real: A Young Adults Worship Experience

    February 3, 2012 by  
    Filed under Breakaway

    Young Adults Connect, a Ministry of the New Hope Adventist Church, in association with WGTS 91.9fm, GODencounters and supporting ministries present Real: a Young Adults Worship Experience.

    The Worship Experience begins Friday, February 10 and concludes on Saturday, February 11, 2012.

    The guest speaker for the weekend is Roger Hernandez, Hispanic Ministries Director of the Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists with Worship led by the WGTS 91.9 Gateway Fellowship Band. You can listen to his interview with Chaplain Terry below.

    You won’t want to miss this life-changing worship experience for Young Adults, University Students and Young Professionals!

    Click here for details!

    Breakaway: Pete Garza

    January 27, 2012 by  
    Filed under Breakaway

    Chaplain Terry talks to our very own Chaplain Pete Garza. Hear what the power of a praying mother did to influence Chaplain Pete’s life. Pete is not only a Chaplain at WGTS 91.9, but is also the worship leader of the WGTS 91.9 Gateway Praise Band and is the Promotions Director. You can listen to and download the interview below.

    Getting Back Up When Life Knocks You Down

    January 20, 2012 by  
    Filed under Breakaway

    These days, it seems the church is full of faces haunted by unexpected or devastating hardships. Job loss, debilitating diseases, financial collapse, divorce, addiction, broken dreams, and more dominate the lives of our church body.

    Chaplain Terry talked with author and speaker Jeremy Kingsley who knows what it’s like to be knocked down. In Getting Back Up When Life Knocks You Down, he offers biblically based guidance and practical help for those facing dire situations.

    He also shares faith-building stories from his own life and the lives of others that will encourage readers to transform their lives for the better so they can face the future with fresh hope and strength.

    You can listen to and download the interview below.


    Bruce Epperly – Phillippians

    January 6, 2012 by  
    Filed under Breakaway

    Everyday I hear bad news. Unemployment. Stocks are dropping. School shootings. All these things make this world seem dark.

    Thank God we have hope though Christ. When we draw closer to him we find the hope and inspiration to not only survive a dark world, but to change it.

    Dr. Bruce Epperly talks about Paul’s letter from prison to the Phillippians with Chaplain Terry. You can hear the full interview below.

    Be the Salt of the Earth

    December 30, 2011 by  
    Filed under Breakaway

    It’s easy to make New Year’s Resolutions like “I’m going to lose weight,” “I’m going to get more organized” or “I’m going to manage my money a little better.”

    But what about making your life an example to others? How about letting your light shine for others?

    Chaplain Terry talks with Dr. Jose Rojas about turning a casual New Years Resolution into a life changing new drive for your life. It’s the kind of change that will change everyone around you.

    You can listen to and download the interview below.

    The Exceptional Life

    December 23, 2011 by  
    Filed under Breakaway

    Steven Arterburn, popular author, speaker, and radio host, shows readers what they need to give up in order to have God’s best for their lives. After candidly sharing his give-up moment, he examines eight things that hold Christians back–including guilt and shame, resentment, ear, anger, and isolation. He then helps readers give up their lives to God, resulting in lives full of hope, love, trust, forgiveness, connection, community, and much more.