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    - Children of God - Third Day
    - Move - MercyMe
    - Here For A Reason - Ashes Remain
    - When Mercy Found Me - Rhett Walker Band
    - Get Back Up - tobyMac
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  • Time is Priceless

    Time is Priceless

    Time is the only thing in this world that you can not get back. You can’t make it, buy it, sell it, or even steal it! What we do with our time is so important and... Read More

    Words of Hope: Building Your Faith

    Words of Hope: Building Your Faith

    Every person has been given a measure of faith by God, when we trust God, we receive more faith. That’s why it’s so important to learn to practice the gift of... Read More

    Heather Williams at Gateway Fellowship

    Heather Williams at Gateway Fellowship

    Join our family to celebrate the grand opening of Gateway Community Fellowship November 6, 2010 at 6 PM. Special guest Christian Recording Artist Heather Williams will join... Read More

    Keep the Fort Hood Families in your Prayers

    As we learn details of the tragedy at Fort Hood, our Staff Chaplain Terry Johnsson got a chance to speak with David at the Pentagon. Please keep the families of the victims... Read More

    Prayer Requests

    Prayer Requests

    Have a prayer request? Share it with us and our Chaplain’s Office  Read More →

    WGTS Night of Hope – Trusting God

    WGTS Chaplain Terry Johnsson explains what it means to really trust God at the first WGTS Night of Hope. You can join us at the next Night of Hope on November 13.  Read More →

    More Christian Music

    I’ve heard you speak about Christian music. I really want my daughter to start listening to more Christian music. What is your suggestion? – Concerned Mom Schedule... Read More

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