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  • Hurricane Irene

    Hurricane Irene

    We usually tend to forget what is really pressing at the moment and we turn our thoughts to things that reflect what is really important to us, such as our family and friends. At... Read More

    Family Safety Tip:  Cell Phone Radiation

    Family Safety Tip: Cell Phone Radiation

    From CNN On Tuesday, scientists at the World Health Organization announced that the agency will now list mobile phone use in the same “carcinogenic hazard” category... Read More

    Family Safety Tip:  Kids and Energy Drinks

    Family Safety Tip: Kids and Energy Drinks

    Source:  NPR Sports Blog Sports and energy drinks are hugely popular with kids. But the nation’s pediatricians are not such big fans. They’re now telling kids... Read More

    Family Safety Tip:  Sunscreen

    Family Safety Tip: Sunscreen

    If you’re looking for a good sunscreen this summer, going with the cheapest is the best. After testing 22 spray-on, cream and lotion sunscreens, Consumer Reports gave top... Read More

    Family Safety Tip:

    Family Safety Tip:

    Gov’t warns kids’ tabletop chairs not safe By JENNIFER C. KERR The Associated Press Published: Friday, May. 6, 2011 WASHINGTON – The government warned... Read More

    Family Safety Tip:  How to talk to your kids about Osama bin Laden

    Family Safety Tip: How to talk to your kids about Osama bin Laden

    It’s all over the news, and your kids are listening and watching.  Maybe you’re getting the question:  ”Mommy…why are people happy that Osama bin... Read More

    Family Safety Tip: Lock Your Meds

    Lock Your Meds™ is a new national campaign from the National Family Partnership to inform families that they are frequently the “unintentional suppliers” of... Read More

    Family Safety Tip: How to talk to your kids about Japan

    It’s hard enough as adults to deal with the images and news of the devastating Earthquake and resulting Tsunami in Japan, let alone if you’re seeing it as a child. With... Read More

    Family Safety Tip: Teaseproof Your Kids

    Nobody likes to get teased.  If it happened to you when you were in school you understand how it feels and you don’t want it to happen to your kids. We say this 2 Step... Read More

    Family Safety Tip: Childproofing a Fireplace

    When your son starts to use the fireplace poker as a lightsaber you know it’s probably time to childproof the fireplace. A fireplace is an enjoyable part of any home,... Read More

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