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HTC Marriage Course at HTC

Thursday, 16 May, 2013




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Thecoursewill start April 11th and it will run for seven consecutive Thursdays, 7:30 - 9:15pm. There is no registration fee.

What is theMarriageCourse?

A seven sessioncoursewhere you will sit at a romantic table with your spouse while listening to practical talks that are informative and fun. There is never homework and you will never be asked to share with anyone except your partner.

Why do thecourse?

  • regular check-ups help a car run smoothly and reduce the risk of breakdown
  • the best sports professionals spend hours being coached
  • the greatest achievements in life take practice, training and dedication

It is the same withmarriage. A strong, loving and lifetime relationship doesn't happen by chance. It takes effort and dedication to keep the fun and romance alive! We can all learn how to make even the happiestmarriagebetter.

Who is thecoursefor?

Thecourseis designed for all couples, whether you have been married for one year or sixty years. Thecourse, while based on Christian principles, is very helpful for any couple with or without a Christian faith or church background.




850 Balls Hill Road
McLean, VA 22101

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