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UCM's Sleep In to Help Out! at United Community Ministries

Friday, 01 November, 2013




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Sign up to participate in UCM's "virtual" event....Sleep In to Help Out!

Please join us! There's no obligation to attend anything: you and your family can spend your evening as you like, be it alonewith a good book or with friends, a quiet walk or a movie -- or even get to sleep early! No need to get dressed up, get in the car, or spend time commuting....

UCM's goal is to have lots of people"attend" ourSleep In To Help Outvirtual event, by the Nov. 2 event deadline. For all our walk events this fall,Help the Homelesssponsor Fannie Mae will award UCM an incentive grant based on the total number of walk event participants that register for UCM. If 1,500 people sign up for this virtual event or the other hosted walks or events at schools and community venues -- at$20 for age 25 or younger, $30 donation for adults --, then we'll receive a $15,000 bonus incentive!

That's like a$10 per event participant bonus "match." Your $20 youth registration fee becomes a $30 gift to UCM, and a $30 adult registration means $40 will come to UCM.Where else can you get a 30-50% instant return on your investment? We think it's a pretty generous payback to help people in need, and hope you'll agree!

UCM is committed to building strong individuals, strong families, and strong communities. Our comprehensive human service ensure that people with low-incomes have immediate help with food and financial assistance; have access to employment services; excellent early child care; supportive parent education; individual counseling; and can participate in educational and community programs. Together with your help, we are changing lives, every single day.

To register, click on the "Join this Team" link -- at upper right.Please have your credit card ready, and be prepared to set up a username and password. We promise it will be a few minutes well spent "to sleep in to help out."

And speaking of sleeping in, here's something to dream about: a strong and healthy community, where every resident has a safe and stable place to live and call home.

And that'snotjust something to dream about -- thanks to your help and support, we can make it happen to build strong families and strong communities in southeast Fairfax County.Thank you!





United Community Ministries
7511 Fordson Road
Alexandria, VA 22306
United States

Event Contact

Ali Bermudez

Phone: 571-255-8992
Website: Click to Visit

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