One step closer

shoes for those in need

Our mission at WGTS is to encourage each person we encounter to take ONE STEP closer to Jesus. And here's a unique way to make that possible! During our Spring Fundraiser, May 14-18, you can make a difference, not only here in Washington, DC when you support WGTS, but around the world. With each gift of $40/month or $480 one-time, a donation will be made to Buckner Shoes for the Orphan Souls so they can provide shoes to children around the world, and here at home.

Why Shoes Matter

health banner
Shoes protect against disease and infection. In many developing countries, children walk barefoot in muddy, rocky terrain to gather clean water or go to school. Parasites and diseases, including hookworm, jiggers and tetanus, can enter the body through cuts in the feet. These illnesses can stunt a child's growth and development, as well as cause lifelong mental damage.


education banner
Shoes lower barriers to school attendance. Many schools around the world require children to wear shoes to attend, but for many poverty-stricken families, shoes are a luxury they cannot afford.


hope banner
Shoes demonstrate worth and God's love to orphans and vulnerable children. Typically, children in orphanages share everything--they do not have a single possession of their own. New shoes provide hope for these children that someone out there cares about them and loves them unconditionally.


opportunity banner
Shoes connect families to holistic ministry. For many families, receiving shoes is often the fist step to connect them to critical services, ministry and mentoring at the Buckner Family Hope Centers in their communities. Hope Center staff help families make plans for transformation and walk alongside them as their lives are transformed.