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Cream of Wheat

Cream of Wheat

August 11, 2006 by  
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Sorry to be blunt, but your programming is boring and predictable. It seems like you play the same songs, about the same time every day, and most of them are as bland as plain Cream of Wheat. I’ve lived in this area for five years, and you still have some of the same songs in your playlist that you were playing then (Michael W. Smith, “Come just as you are,” are two that come to mind). A little more variety would be appreciated (listen to WRBS), including other songs from current albums – not just the so-called “hits.”

Thank you. – Richard

Cream of Wheat … mmmm. Richard, you just took me back to some good childhood memories. My mom used to make us hot cereal every morning, and sometimes it was Cream of Wheat, Cream of Rice, Zoom, oatmeal, whatever, but it was always piping hot and it filled you up. Kept you until lunch. Sometimes we’d have it with just salt for seasoning (otherwise it really was bland), or maybe a big tablespoonful of peanut butter, sometimes sugar, cinammon and raisins, but however it was made, it was always good. I still love Cream of Wheat to this day.

Ok, now that I’m past the food, thanks for not sugar-coating how you feel. WGTS 91.9 plays older music because listeners ask us to play certain songs for longer periods. I Can Only Imagine from Mercy Me, for example, has been out for years now, but is still a most requested song, so we continue to play it. Did you know that we add new music, new songs, almost every week? We actually don’t even receive CD’s from most record companies anymore. We get a list of songs that we are able to download and listen to, but the traditional album gets bypassed in order to get the new music on the air even faster. Our Listener Advisory Board helps us rate those new songs so that we know whether to keep playing them or not. If you’d like to join, we’d love to have you.
Thanks for keeping in touch. We’ll work on throwing in a few new spices for you. – Ty McFarland


One Response to “Cream of Wheat”
  1. Diane Holey says:

    I have come to that thought (same songs) at one time or another, but I see it now as a Ministry and each song is ministering to someone as well as myself. Take from it what you can and leave the rest. Let’s not be selfish, it not all about you. A lot of the old old songs be it secular or gospel, do still touch and minister to someone in need.

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