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Darrell Green’s Hall of Fame Speech

Darrell Green’s Hall of Fame Speech

August 5, 2008 by  
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I was really moved by the end of his speech where he talked no-holds-bar about his faith. Here are the highlights.


2 Responses to “Darrell Green’s Hall of Fame Speech”
  1. Gwen Fearnley Bolton says:

    Once again we were treated to the choice words of a choice servant of God who as he said belonged exactly where the Lord had brought him for such a time as this. I have watched many athletes over the years give God the glory and it now comes with the territory! You have to praise Him every opportunity you get and fortunately Darrell was given that opportunity with Joe Gibbs standing there proud to see on of his “Skins” receive that honor that reflected their shared faith, not wasting an opportunity to praise the Lord who made it all possible. A real role model reproducing in like kind! So proud to be a Redskins fan for this very reason!

  2. Quina says:

    Wonderful speech. My mother used to work for Darrell Green as an Asst. Director at his learning center in Washington, DC some years ago. She always said he was such a great person and amazing Christian. He never let the fame of playing for the Redskins go to his head. She said he’s a great husband and father. Yes, Darrell Green you sooooo deserve this honor. To God be the Glory!

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