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Meet the Personalities

Meet the Personalities

June 7, 2012 by  
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Jerry & Blanca
Weekdays: 5a – 10a

Becky Alignay
Weekdays: 10a – 3p

Scott & Sam
Weekdays: 3p – 7p
Saturday: 7p – midnight
Brennan Wimbish 

Saturday-Sunday: 5a – 9a



Rob Conway
Tuesday-Friday: 12a – 5a
Travis Culver
Saturday-Monday: 12a – 5a
Claude Jennings
Sunday: 7p – midnight

Brandi Lanai
Monday-Friday: 7p – Midnight
Chaplain Terry Johnsson
Saturday: 9a – 9:30a

Kevin Krueger
Saturday 9:30a – 2p
Sunday 9a – 1p