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  • Family Safety Tip: Kids’ Sleepwear Safety

    December 20, 2010 by  
    Filed under Family Safety, Family Safety Tip, Morning Show

    My mother has always traditionally given matching pajamas to the family…as I carry on that tradition with my kids I realized there’s a few things I need to watch out for to keep them safe as I’m shopping.

    When purchasing pajamas for your child, be sure to stick with a flame-resistant product. Look for it on the display, in the catalog or Internet page copy, and on the label of the garment.

    Even though the Children’s Sleepwear Standard has been around since the ’70s, manufacturers are still trying to get around the rules by marketing garments as “loungewear,” “bath cover-ups,” “dressing gowns,” or “nightwear.” But changing the name doesn’t circumvent the law: If the product is related to sleeping, promoted as sleepwear, or likely to be used as sleepwear, it still has to meet the standard.

    The regulation applies only to sleepwear because at the time, there were many incidents of children’s nighttime clothing – often cotton and loose – catching fire on a small flame or kitchen burner. Since the standard, such accidents have decreased drastically.

    Source:  Good Housekeeping