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    To Save a Life

    The movie, “To Save a Life” out in theaters today.  It’s written by a youth pastor, but has a PG-13 rating because of some “stereotypical teenage behavior” it’s creating a discussion around the dinner table on whether or not parents what their kids to see it.  But, others are saying it’s a real life depiction of what really goes on in our kid’s high schools.  They say it can be a good opportunity for parents to understand and to talk to their kids about what pressures they have on them and how to deal with them from a Christian perspective.

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    Here’s a review from www.commonsensemedia.org

    What Parents Need to Know
    by S. Jhoanna Robledo

    Parents need to know that although this Christian-themed drama has tons of heart, it gets a little heavy-handed. Teens engage in all sorts of stereotypically “troubled” behavior — including drinking, drug use, premarital sex, bullying, and cutting. But the movie’s ultimate message — that this behavior is negative and has consequences — comes through loud and clear. While it’s not particularly graphic, there’s one disturbing scene in which an important character brings a firearm to school and then uses it on himself. Production company New Song Pictures is a division of New Song Community Church in Vista, Calif.

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