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Fun at King’s Fest

Fun at King’s Fest

July 11, 2007 by  
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King’s Fest was a blast this year! While we weren’t manning the table, we got a chance to crash bumper cars into Casting Crowns and five unsuspecting victims got a chance to ride The Volcano with Jeremy Camp. Between that and the concerts, Angela and Brennan got into a fight of epic proportions. You can see the action below.


2 Responses to “Fun at King’s Fest”
  1. Becky says:

    Meanwhile . . . back at the Table, and in between playing “referee” for Brennan and Angela ;), I had a great time getting to talk face to face w/ so many listeners. And a chance to put a face to so many of our most faithful Morning Show listeners like Gary and Family, Lauren, Tom and Family from Waldorf, Whitney, Lisa, and so many more. The Youth Group from Southern MD–you guys rock! You’re all awesome!! Thanks for listening, and thanks for stopping by to say “Hi”.

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!! sorry i missed out on that one…

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