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  • Girl Scout Cookies Controversy

    March 12, 2009 by  
    Filed under Morning Show

    An 8-year-old girl scout decided to go online to sell her cookies in hopes of selling 12,000 boxes to send her troop to summer camp.  When the other parents found out they asked her to take her site down, citing that it was prohibited to sell cookies online, and saying it took customers away from the other girls.  One of the reasons  Girl Scouts sell their cookies is to teach their kids how to be entrepreneurial.  Which makes for some interesting questions:

    Should she be allowed to sell her cookies online?  Is she really taking away from other customers?  Is her dad helping her a little too much?  You can check out the article here and leave your comments below.


    3 Responses to “Girl Scout Cookies Controversy”
    1. kelly says:

      The girlscout troop only gets about 50 centes a box. The rest goes to national council. I don’t buy any cookies I just give the litte girl a cash donation so the troop can get all the money. What a racket>

    2. Kelly says:

      I was involved with girl scouts and it was most frustrating. I NO longer buy cookies. I will make a cash donation to the troop. The troop has to sell cookies in order to do any other fundraisers. The amount of money they actually keep from the cookie sells is approximately 50 cents on the box. The rest goes to the administration and operating cost of the national council.
      Personally, I’d rather give to the little girls standing in front of me and living in my community.

    3. M Murphy says:

      As a Girl Scout leader of teenage girls, I can tell you we have discussed using the internet for sales. (I’m speaking as a Girl Scout as a child, a parent, and a volunteer who leads girls. I do not represnt GS. For the official word, you should contact the GS Council of the Nations Capitol.) Safetywise, a GSUSA publication for all Girl Scouts in the US, tells girls and leaders the safery rules for every type of activity we do and is very specific on the use of the interent for cookie sales. Sales cannot be made over the internet by girls or adults. Email can be used as a tool to market the cookies to friends and family. I can understand that other parents were upset that rules were not being followed by one girl when the others were following the rules. My concern is also that a girl was potentially in danger of online predators. The rules may seem like overkill, but one girl in danger is too many!

      Girl Scouts has done a great job embrasing the internet for use by leaders and girls. They are up to speed with technological changes and are trying to help girls of all ages use the interent for Girl Scout activites while also helping them learn how to stay safe.

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