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How Do I Forget?

How Do I Forget?

February 24, 2012 by  
Filed under Breakaway

Chaplain Terry talks with Dr. Ralph Martino about how to deal with problems in your past.

How many times have we struggled with memories that haunted us for days and months and even years?  How many times have we prayed for strength to put behind us our past and the pain associated with it?  How many days have we cried over costly decisions that were made whose consequences trouble our present and cloud our future?  What will it take for us to finally get them out of our heads and amputated from our thoughts?

We have memories locked away in the vault of our mind and secured by the soldiers of the enemy. How do we unlock those memories and free ourselves to forget the past and pursue the future?

God says in His word to forget the former things, neither consider the things of old. He wants you to let go and stop remembering the mistakes you made, stop dwelling on what others did to you, stop living in the past.

From the life and experiences of Joseph, Genesis 41:50-52 teaches us that there must be birthed in our lives a “Manasseh” and an “Ephraim” before the issues of life bombard us and leave us trapped in the past, burdened in the present and lost in the future.  What GOD did for Joseph, HE is ready to do for us.  GOD is ready to birth into our lives the power and the knowledge to forget and the power and the knowledge to be fruitful in our greatest area of battle!


To learn how you must first understand the memory. This book walks the reader through an in-depth and life-changing understanding of the memory leading the reader to finally answer the question, “How Do I Forget?”