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  • Hurricane Irene

    We usually tend to forget what is really pressing at the moment and we turn our thoughts to things that reflect what is really important to us, such as our family and friends.

    At WGTS 91.9, we always want to hear your story, feel free to share your thoughts on the hurricane, or whatever may be in your heart here

    Here are a few tips to prepare yourself and your family for Hurricane Irene:

    -Have cash because with no power, there will be no access to ATM machines.

    -Fill up your tank with gas before the electricity shuts down at gas stations.

    -Have fully charged phones, in case of power failure. Keep in mind that you may not have any service at all.

    -Carry extra batteries and have a radio by your side to keep you updated on the storm.

    -Make sure you have enough supplies for your pets, because most emergency shelters will not allow pets.

    -Be prepared with non-perishable food for several days and a manual can opener for canned foods. Also, grocery shopping should be done by today, just in case the stores close because of power failure or if their are long lines.

    -Have enough bottle water and water for bathing and flushing of the toilet.

    -As for cleaning, be sure to trim any tree branches that may be harmful during the storm. If you have any patio furniture or loose plants outside, it would be safe to bring them inside or secure them. Clean out your rain gutters and make sure storm drains are not blocked.


    To create a safety kit click here