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Joel Freeman “Return to Glory” Part 2

Joel Freeman “Return to Glory” Part 2

February 16, 2007 by  
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Joel Freeman joins Dr. Gerry Fuller. His book Return to Glory is filled with the glorious historical and contemporary contributions of black people. Beginning with a careful documentation of how God entrusted people of African descent with the initial development of civilized societies, this book then directs its readers on a magnificent tour of life in America through the triumphant stories of contemporary African-American men.


2 Responses to “Joel Freeman “Return to Glory” Part 2”
  1. folajimi adeyemi says:

    this is indeed a wonderful job, i leant of it on turning point.god bless you really, amen.

  2. this is a fascinating report history and finding of black / african american let this spread and not be overted in this society and america thank you joel freeman thank you. this takes a long journey back it’s significant.

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