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Life As A Mom

Life As A Mom

May 3, 2013 by  
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Moms are part chef and CEO, moms are caregivers and advice sharers—confidants and mentors.  And moms pick up a lot of wisdom along the way.

This week we’re asking you to share what you’ve learned as a mom.  You get a chance to hear other moms share what they’ve learned as a mom, and see if you’ve won–every morning this week at 7:50 during the morning show with Jerry & Blanca.  If that’s you, you’ll get to hang out with fellow mom, and artist, Amy Grant and listen to her new CD as she tells the stories behind the songs.


Just call 202-505-4919 and leave a message sharing what you’ve learned as a mom, and you’ll be entered to win.


You and 3 of your friends/family will get to join you for a special CD Listening Party with Amy Grant, sharing songs from her new album “How Mercy Looks From Here” featuring her new song “Don’t Try So Hard.”

WHEN: May 14th at 7pm
WHERE: Sheraton Premiere–Tyson’s Corner, VA



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