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Love Written in Stone

Love Written in Stone

May 27, 2011 by  
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Many Christians don’t know what to think of the Bible’s commands, as they often seem legalistic and burdensome. But Philip Carlson reveals that God instructs us because he loves us as a father loves his children. Recent research in the health sciences demonstrates that following God’s guidelines produces wellness and wholeness in our lives. Readers will be encouraged to learn that the sciences are catching up to what God has been saying all along about family relationships, nutrition, rest, and more.

“Carlson, a physician and minister, looks closely at what separates Christians from God. “Sin is a core issue in health and wellness. It leads to self-damaging behavior while godliness leads to healthful choices,” he writes. By contrast, positive emotions like forgiveness, gratitude, love, joy, patience, and commitment lead the Christian to a life worth living. He also believes that marriage is key to a happy life. It is necessary to stay well in the spirit and with our emotions, as well as physically. Carlson draws on not only the Bible but also such spiritual writers as Bonhoeffer and Francis Schaeffer. He concludes that the reader has a stewardship of influence in the world. God calls us to care for ourselves and then care for the world around us. This well-written treatise on creation and on the care of ourselves and the world will appeal to Christians interested in getting a life in sync with the Bible.”

Source: Publisher’s Weekly

You can listen to the full interview below.