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Manager’s Memo


There are times when you just know God is doing something amazing. We are celebrating one of those times right now at WGTS 91.9. The last few months have been simply wonderful; they have been filled with stories of how God is changing lives within our listening family.

This letter from a listener in Virginia is a perfect example of what God is doing.

   I always used to listen to classical music. One day while driving my son to school he decided to change the station and stopped at WGTS. After a few moments of me switching back to classical and then him switching back to WGTS, I left it on WGTS and I have listened to it ever since. The Lord does work in mysterious ways, for I believe the Holy Spirit acted through my son so that I could hear the inspirational and heartfelt music that has turned me back to Jesus. The Holy Spirit has grown in me since that day, and there are times when I am moved to say “Amen” when a song finishes. I hope that my small donation will help you to let others know of God’s love and bring them closer to Jesus. Bless you.

A dad’s heart, turned back to Jesus, because his son changed the radio station to WGTS 91.9. It’s amazing and quite wonderful. And I should add that this changed-life story is possible because of the generous contributions of many. These donations allow us to be on the air, playing the Spirit-filled songs when they tuned to 91.9.

You’re doing a good thing when you give to WGTS 91.9. One at a time – all around the region – dads and moms are finding the Lord and growing closer to Him. I invite you to join our giving family. It’s easy to do – just visit wgts919.com and make your contribution. Or, you can call 800-700-1094 and make your donation by phone.

May God bless you.





Kevin Krueger
Vice President / General Manager

P.S. The next time you turn the radio on, know that God is working through your generosity to change lives in eternal ways. You’re doing a good thing. Thank you!