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Mark Ellmore Part 1

Mark Ellmore Part 1

May 25, 2007 by  
Filed under Breakaway

Mark Ellmore discusses his book “You’ve Got to Have it to Succeed” with Gerry Fuller. What does it take to succeed as a Christian in today’s increasingly difficult business and workplace environments? Just ASK!Have the right ATTITUDE!
Develop your SKILLS!
Obtain sufficient KNOWLEDGE!

Let Mark Ellmore show you how you can find happiness and joy in every aspect of your personal and professional life that is like nothing you have experienced before! When you begin to put God first and ask daily for His guidance and forgiveness, not only will you see a change in yourself, but you will also see a change in everyone you meet every day. God knows what you need to succeed. How do you find out? The same way Mark Ellmore did—just ASK!

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