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  • Metro Miracles

    June 22, 2009 by  
    Filed under Morning Show

    Today at 5 PM, two Red line trains collided resulting in several injuries and fatalities. It is the biggest accident in Metro’s 33-year history.

    As we learn more of the details, we’ve also heard about some of the miracles that have happened in the midst of this accident.

    One of our interns Courtney had one of those miracles happen to her and her dad today:

    It was around four o’clock when my dad called me at work to come pick him at the train station. It was a bit unusual since my dad doesn’t call me until 5:30. I picked him up. After I heard about the collision, I called him. He said it was because he had to go to Laurel for something. If not for the trip to Laurel he may have been on the train that collided.

    Please share your Metro Miracle story, as our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy.


    3 Responses to “Metro Miracles”
    1. Rachelle says:

      God bless you!

      I just wanted to say that I love your positive thoughts! They are very inspiring and encouraging.

      Keep up the good work and may God guide you buy His grace.

    2. Chaplain Ro says:

      My best friend is like a sister to me. She lives on the Red line. When I heard about the crash, my thoughts immediately went to her. I was quite concerned. Was she ok? Was she and her daughter ok? It took me a while to reach her but I did. I found out she did not even leave the house (which is unusual for her. Her and her daughter were fine and no where near the train crash. In fact, she had not heard about it until I told her about it. God is good and his mercy endures forever.

    3. Blanca Vega says:

      When I heard about the train collision on the red line my heart stopped -that was my grandmother’s commute home from work. Every afternoon around the time the accident happened she transfers from the red line to the green line at Fort Totten Station. On this day she happened to work a little later and her daughter gave her a ride. Talk about the worst sensation in the pit of your stomach! But God was good to our family once again. The first thing my grandma said with her usual voice of laughter “I know it was God’s favor on my side.” It was good in indeed to hear her smile on the phone again! :)

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