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More Christian Music

More Christian Music

August 13, 2006 by  
Filed under Chaplains Corner

I’ve heard you speak about Christian music. I really want my daughter to start listening to more Christian music. What is your suggestion? – Concerned Mom

Schedule a time to sit with her. Listen to what she has to say about her special music but don’t be judgmental. Make the talk pleasant for her over a cup of tea. She may be hesitant and want to know why you are inquiring this of her. Tell her the intent of your inquiry. After you have developed a list of her favorite music pick a special day where the two of you will go to a music store. I know one called the Potomac Adventist Health and Book Store. You can e-mail me for information on that. Once there, go to the music department and ask for a clerk. Show the clerk the list of songs your child likes and find out if anything in the store’s collection compares to what your daughter has listed. At the store you will find music ranging from country to rap. Once a year I take my youth group on a music trip. Only after that do my youth say “We don’t listen to secular music anymore. These groups are better.” You can be creative. Perhaps lunch at a restaurant before you go. It will be fun and a special time where you can learn more about your child.


2 Responses to “More Christian Music”
  1. Amanda Smith says:

    I used to listen to secular music, but I like your music sooo much better! :)

  2. Eileen DeVous says:

    What a good idea!! :-) I never knew you could do something like make a list of their favorite music & go to see if anything at a Christian store compares. Keep up the great ideas!

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