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  • Mornings without Brennan

    November 13, 2008 by  
    Filed under Morning Show


    2 Responses to “Mornings without Brennan”
    1. Ty McFarland says:

      Oh my word. LOL. You just crack me up every time. Nice! – Ty

    2. Jessica says:

      Hi Angela,
      You were talking about the DC buses that will have the anti-God messages, and asked what it is that makes us(listeners) believe in God. I believe because of my born inner need to connect with something higher than myself, inborn knowledge of right and wrong, reasoning ability, emotions. We are different from other animals that that contradicts that we just evolved. God may have used something other than the literal I’ve seen miracles in my life and experienced changes due to the prayers of OTHERS, even when I stopped praying. I’d challenge non-belivers to pray for thirty days to God, talking and asking God to reveal Himself to them. The worst that happens is someone looses a few minutes of time a day. We all know the best. God ANSWERS prayers.

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