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Paul Damazo – How to Become a Millionaire Part 2

Paul Damazo – How to Become a Millionaire Part 2

March 21, 2007 by  
Filed under Breakaway

Part 2 of Gerry Fuller’s interview with Paul Damazo.


3 Responses to “Paul Damazo – How to Become a Millionaire Part 2”
  1. Melonduh says:

    I agree with Pierre. As long as you keep God first, it’s fine. But it seemed like so many other financial empowerment books… “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, & the bestseller “The Secret”, which does not advocate God in the slightest. I was slightly surprised to hear a money based interview on the air, but I suppose it IS important to all people.
    Just make sure it isn’t the MOST important thing to all people.

  2. George Ramsey says:

    Good morning! Yes! I want to purchase this book by Paul Damazo, Eighty Proven Ways to become a millionaire!! I can give you cred card, cash, or any payment now ; please let me know how to buy this book! Thank you! = Sincerely, George

  3. Pierre says:

    I just wanted to say I appreciate WGTS putting this kind of information out there… but I felt this particular radio session on August 4th, sounded like an infomerical more than the normal Breakaway information. There is so much information to deliever on this subject… I am a young college student that has read many books on financial empowerment so I know it is possible and I know it is important… I just wish that the listeners could have taken away something they could have started with, and that the man didnt seem so radical. I know some people listening wont buy the book because they may think” yea irght” and thats not true. If the speaker at least had some other way to preview some of the information, maybe a couple free chapters so that people could really see that the book is helpful or not, it would have been helpful.

    Anyway, to anyone reading this I still say buy the book, God called us to use time and money and talents wisely, we all have minds capable of learning no matter who we are, so we can make a big difference reading this book, as long as you always keep God first…

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