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The story behind the song and movie "I Can Only Imagine"

By: Jerry
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 When you hear the song “I Can Only Imagine” from Mercy Me, it probably brings up a story for you just like it does for so many.  In fact it’s the most popular song on Christian radio of all time, so popular that there are pop and country versions as well.  Many people don’t know where that song came from.  Mercy Me lead singer Bart Millard went through a horribly abusive childhood at the hands of his dad.  That affected every single aspect of his life.  The story of the redemption of Bart’s dad and Bart’s coming of age hits the big screen today in the movie “I Can Only Imagine.”   We had the pleasure of catching up with the writer and director of the movie, Jon Erwin.  He has some incredible stories about why he told the story on the big screen and how it’s changing lives of viewers and even people who acted in the movie. 


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