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Radical Protection – Derek Morris

Radical Protection – Derek Morris

July 8, 2011 by  
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Life sometimes feels like a battle.

Between paying the bills on time and keeping the boss satisfied, you sometimes feel exhausted. Maybe you’re just trying to survive.¬†You hear more and more people talk about “scratching a living” or saying “I’m just getting by.”

And somehow life seems to have a way of piling on problem after problem.

Even Jesus himself, when he was at rock bottom, hungry and alone in the desert for days on end, that’s when the devil piled onto those problems, attacking him with temptations.

However, it is a blessing to know that we have hope. We know that there is a God who loves us enough to equip us with everything we need to face the trials and battles life has in store for us.

But these attacks can very often be subtle. We walk a dangerous path if we aren’t armed and prepared properly in advance.

So how do we defend against the battles life has in store for us? What tools does God give us to take on the trials we will face? Are you prepared for life’s temptations?

Chaplain Terry Johnsson discusses these issues with Derek Morris, the author of “Radical Protection” a book all about how to prepare for the real conflict for your soul.

Morris is the editor of MINISTRY, an international journal for pastors. You can watch his sermons around the world on the HOPE Channel. He’s written books such as “the Radical Prayer” and “The Radical Teachings of Jesus.” He is also invited around the world to teach workshops on preaching.

You can listen to the interview below.