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May 28, 2017

string(10) "David Dunn"

Title: I Wanna Go Back

Artist: David Dunn

08:27 AM

string(12) "Colton Dixon"

Title: Through All Of It

Artist: Colton Dixon

08:24 AM

string(10) "Jason Gray"

Title: Good To Be Alive

Artist: Jason Gray

08:20 AM

string(14) "Casting Crowns"

Title: Praise You In This Storm

Artist: Casting Crowns

08:14 AM

string(12) "Jordan Feliz"

Title: Never Too Far Gone

Artist: Jordan Feliz

08:11 AM

string(11) "Jeremy Camp"

Title: Overcome

Artist: Jeremy Camp

08:06 AM

string(8) "Mercy Me"

Title: Greater

Artist: Mercy Me

08:02 AM

string(10) "The Afters"

Title: Every Good Thing

Artist: The Afters

07:59 AM

string(7) "Mandisa"

Title: Unfinished

Artist: Mandisa

07:55 AM

string(12) "Chris Tomlin"

Title: Jesus

Artist: Chris Tomlin

07:51 AM