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Restore A Child

Restore A Child

November 11, 2011 by  
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I am Norma Nashed, founder and president of Restore A Child, a humanitarian organization dedicated to serving orphaned and impoverished children. I believe my own experiences with poverty and being an orphan and learning to cope with adversity has prepared me to be an advocate for these children.

More than 12 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. It was then that I felt called by God to leave my job and career and serve suffering children in a more active way. I started by giving up my retirement money for a few orphaned children. As others heard of this ministry they gave as well. Whatever I received I gave out.  Through my journey of giving God has blessed me with joy, peace and purpose for my life which far exceeds all riches, social status or academic achievement.

Restore a Child now serves over 3,000 children in 13 countries. In addition to the orphanages, schools and clinics we build or support, recently we started helping with the feeding programs for starving children in the Horn of Africa. Please won’t you help?  Just 30 cents per day can save a child from starvation!

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