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Robert Schuller, Jr. Part 1

Robert Schuller, Jr. Part 1

December 22, 2006 by  
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Rev. Robert Anthony SchullerThis week Robert Schuller, Jr. joins Gerry Fuller. The son of the famous televangelist, Robert Schuller, Jr. is senior pastor of the Crystal Cathedral, in Garden Grove, California and the best-selling author of 9 books including Possibility Living. The weekly worship services of the Crystal Cathedral have encouraged people nationwide and now across the world through the sunday morning TV broadcast of The Hour of Power. He and his father have not only given sermons on The Hour of Power, but have also invited celebrities, musical guests, and even famous athletes to their church to talk about their own testimonies. When not preaching or traveling, Schuller spends much of his time with his 4 children and wife Donna.


11 Responses to “Robert Schuller, Jr. Part 1”
  1. rev.dr. ronald elliott says:

    Sorry i’m unable to think of a way to moderate my previous comments. If what I have said causes offence to either of the Schuller’s then I unreservedly apologise. It was never my intention so to do.

  2. I have been watching ” The Hour Of Power” for many years. I am very disappointed that father and son have parted their ways. Both of them are excelent orators and I miss their unity. We will pray for them and I am sure God will intervene and heal the ministry.
    Thank you for letting me write a comment.

  3. Maribeth Dagenhart/Woolard says:

    I miss Robert Jr. so very much. He was bringing the true word of God and had a great ministry. I would very much like to know where he is and if he is pastoring. Also would like to have an addresss or email to send words of encouragment. No doubt God has called him into ministry.

  4. Hugh Stevenson says:

    What is going on with Pastor Shullar ? His son was the great turn around the church needed, He was giving us the bible and his sermons were straight from the heart, he was humble and gentle but gave the Word. We miss him so much, that we can’t get into the hour of power anymore, it’s too show business for us, it’s getting to be a place to promote the big preachers. We would like to encourage Shullar Jr. to continue to be the way he is, and to let all of us know where he will be preaching, and to send him e-mails of encouragememt. We will continue to pray for his father to heal his mind and to do the right thing for what he has done I’m sure has put a strain on the family.

  5. marion hoelzer says:

    I have been watching Robert Schueller Crystal Cathedral for the past several years , before I attend my own services. I have been wondering why I haven’t seen Robert Jr. lately. I really enjoyed his teachings. I wish him all the best in whatever he sets out to do. God bless him and his family.

  6. Malcolm @ Joyce Mann says:

    We feel so sad at what has happened at the CC. We enjoyed Snr. but before this happened we have often thought Robert Junior was one of the best speakers we have heard. We beleive he was truly a man of God. His warmth, and love for God and his desire to bring souls to know Jesus Christ, was apparent.
    Robert Jr. could not be a fake, if he was then he was the best actor ever. He seemed so willing, with his wife Donna,to relieve the suffering of everyone in
    need. I am sure that’s what our Lord would have us do. He was truly a man of God. We would be very sad not to hear him again, God is good, and if Jnr. is of God nothing can destroy him, but if of man he will come to nothing. If Snr. was wrong I pray God will show him, and he will ask for forgiveness and humbly restore his son. We miss you Jnr. and do wish to hear you again.
    My husband thinks he is among some of the finest christian leaders he has ever heard. It was a shock when we sat down one evening to listen to him and he was not there. We certainly wish them both God’s richest blessings in His service

  7. Mable Cole says:

    My heart breaks over the situation between Dr. Schullar and Robert Jr.
    We did so much appreciate Robert Jr.’s messages as he always used the Scripture and presented in a way we could relate to.
    For man to have the love, compassion and wisdom that he showed to us is very rare in this generation. The devil did not like it and is using this to discourage people from committing their lives to Christ.
    The Church needs our prayers .
    Robert Jr. and his family needs our prayers.

  8. Robert Barker says:

    I am deeply saddened for the situation Robert A. Schuller is in. He has been
    a big influence in the Christian world and Pray that God will give him even a
    more effective ministry.

  9. F.A.Bustard says:

    So sorry this has taken place. I believe God is helping Anthony to “walk in his own shoes” as his book expresses.It must be a sad time for him. God bless him. Is his father feeling his age . In any case I believe in his work.

  10. Connie Dulohery says:

    I have been shocked and hurt as Robert Schuller Jr. is no longer the senior pastor of Crystal Cathedral. I have been so inspired these past months as he and his wife have increasingly demonstrated the heart of Christianitiy in a humble, loving way on the weekly program. I have really lost respect for the elder Schuller in his focus being about his ministry, not God’s ministry. I am 57 years of age. Recently, my son confronted me with how I wasn’t on the cutting edge in some areas of my life. That was difficult. But, he was accurate. He volunteered to step into those areas to forge ahead, protecting me, and carrying the role that is now appropriate for my 29-30 year old son to have in my life. Yes, I felt, to a certain degree, as if I was a has been with the younger generation taking over with a new and different vision. However, isn’t that the way it’s suppose to be. Why can’t someone at Crystal Cathedral identify that this could be part of what is going on and intervene before the church is catastophised as it has been?

  11. Barbara says:

    I have been watching since the days of the drive-in when the man I was married to would not go to church- that would be 1970. While the purple robes of the pastors and granduer of the CC were once revered and shown a sign of reverance, now, with times to tough, I think it is more important for the church to be a voice and leadership of the people. The people, Including me, have gone through an unbelievable tough year. I look to my minister for direction in these difficult times. Pomp and circumstance don’t mean much.

    When Robert Jr. started preaching, I was not really very impressed. As the years went on, he actually became a speaker that I really looked forward to hearing. More comtemporay. not so glitz, more real.

    I live near the CC, have been a faithful watcher for nearly 40 years and the fact that that this has happened during these really difficult times is like splitting up a family – not only on their part but on mine as well. I have gotten my parents (aging) involved, my sister and her husband and have always tried to follow the positive way of living. My mother is failing fast and dad is not far behind. This is very sad to me, my sister and her husband not to mention my parents. It is very sad to see this happen when this country needs to come together.

    Thats all I have to say.

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