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Say the Pledge

One Nation, Under God…with Liberty & Justice for All!
It’s a routine heard at the beginning of each school day that each child can recite by heart. And we’re proud to live in a country “Under God” that gives us the freedom to worship as we choose.

Every week, Producer Spencer visits a different school (home schools included!) and has the kids say the Pledge of Allegiance, which airs on the Morning Show with Jerry & Blanca.

If you’d like to nominate your child’s classroom or school to say the Pledge of Allegiance, please fill out the following form. You may be contacted to schedule a time to record the pledge.

You can listen to and download recent Pledge of Allegiance’s heard on the air at the bottom of the page.

Say the Pledge
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Click on the Date to Listen to the Pledge

 ST. Timothy Catholic School

Monday 10-20-14

Tuesday 10-21-14

Wednesday 10-22-14

Thursday 10-23-14

Friday 10-24-14




New Life Christian School

Monday 10-13-14

Tuesday 10-14-14

Wednesday 10-15-14

Thursday 10-16-14

Friday 10-17-14




 St. Thomas Aquinas (Woodbridge)

Monday 10-06-14


Tuesday 10-07-14

Wednesday 10-8-14

Thursday 10-09-14

Friday 10-10-14