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  • School Lunches . . . Help!

    September 16, 2006 by  
    Filed under Morning Show

    If you’ve got children in school you may be figuring systems that work for you and your family to make things as smooth as possible. My 3 year old and 4 1/2 year old are back in preschool again, and I had forgotten how “extra” busy my evenings are just trying to get them ready for school the next morning.

    My biggest challenge by far thus far is packing their lunches. I’ve googled “healthy easy (being the operative word here) school lunches and have seen a bunch of great sites on the topic, but I’d love to hear what works for your family. In the meantime, happy packing!!




    3 Responses to “School Lunches . . . Help!”
    1. Jessica says:

      Good morning. I left you an email regarding this before I realized you had a blog for the morning show sorry for the duplicate, just want to make sur it reaches you in time.
      I have a 3rd and 5th grader,I learned quick it was important to get them involved int heir own lunches, while I made stuff like spinach salads and sushi wraps, they were involved in small parts of their lunches since they were very young. what seems to work best is, I have a small styrofoam cooler I buy all the snacks like applesauce, granola bars, chex mix, crackers cookies etc. dump them in there and say when they are gone they are gone so they learn stewardship and good eating habits. When they were little my daughters packed their snacks , juices, washed and packed their own fruits and vegetables. I usually try to give them two choices for fruit and vegi Like carrot stix or spinach salad and they pick one and pack it. they are learning decision making and responsibility and they usually find it fun. they talk about what they want to do the next day and it can be a bonding experience, sometimes they talk about how one has upset the other or offended etc. so it is still bonding and growing. this year we switched to sandwiches and they make their own everything, the night before. THis is very helpful incase we over sleep or just run late in the morning. We are able to just grab the lunches and go, it has saved us a couple of times from being tardy, it just helps the morning run smoother so we do not start the day stressed out. Hope this blesses you

    2. Ann Marie says:

      Talk about packing lunches…that has got to be the biggest challenge of the day. My son, now 13, has diabetes. We have to count his carbs, having 60 total for lunch. On top have trying to pack things he would like, I have to add up the carbs and write them amounts on his lunch bag, otherwise the school nurse takes parts of his lunch. When I heard the topic of the morning, I was elated…however, all I heard was the peanut butter and jelly, then I had to go into the office. The ideas were great, but my son doesn’t like PB&J sandwiches.

    3. A Daughter of Zion says:

      School lunch, a mom’s nightmare!! Just kidding. I’m a mom of a sixth grader in middle school. My son is ADHD and we’ve been using the Feingold “diet” for about six months now. It eliminates stuff like three main preservatives: BHA, BHT, and TBHQ, atificial colors and flavors, and ALL salicylates. So packing school lunches has been a challenge. We have to follow a strick approval shopping guide, but we make it work. We pack things like: two Tortilla sandwhiches/wraps, Gerber “pear”-sauce (can’t eat apples, natural salicylate), a pudding cup, carrot sicks or celery sticks, a juice box, and a small bottled water, and a treat ie. three cookies, or rice crispy-type snak bar, etc. HOPE THIS HELPS!

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