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  • Summer Memories…

    August 25, 2006 by  
    Filed under Morning Show

    As another summer winds down and yellow school buses start to fill the streets, I’m reminded of just how fast the summer goes by. I remember being in elementary school chasing fireflies (and swatting them out of the air with my red, plastic bat), playing kickball with friends, and eating Superman popsicles that the ice cream man would sell in our neighborhood. Those days seemed to last forever. I couldn’t wait for summer vacation at the end of the school year, and when it came I would cherish those days. It wasn’t until the last week of summer that it would really hit me…school was about to start.

    In high school and college, summer meant sleeping in, which was and still is a precious commodity. Maybe because I grew up in the south summers were slower. Maybe as I got older and took on more responsibilities, summers started whizzing by. Or maybe we just lived in a slightly different time and world where things weren’t so fast paced. Living in this area naturally gives way to a much faster pace of life and if you’ve got a family, a demanding job, and a hectic commute, the days and months can run together very often.

    So as school starts and your kids’ days fill with mathematics and social studies, science projects and school plays, hopefully you’ll be able to take time to enjoy the simple things that made the summer enjoyable. And have a Superman Popsicle or waffle cone from Cold Stone Creamery for me too!

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