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Shawn Brace – Pursued by a Relentless God

Shawn Brace – Pursued by a Relentless God

June 1, 2012 by  
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Pursued by a Relentless God

Shawn Brace

We hide. God seeks. Eternity awaits. Christ could have merely pursued us to the point of taking on human flesh. That would have been unbelievable enough. He could have pursued us to Pilate’s courtyard and suffered there the lashes from the Roman soldiers, and the jeers from the mocking crowd. That would have been unfathomable. He could even have pursued us to Calvary and allowed His hands to be brutally fastened to a dead tree and a crown of thorns to be thrust upon His head. That would have been inexplicable. But He went further. Infinitely further. He pursued us all the way to hell – without any guarantee He would ever return. This is the self-abandonment that drove our Savior. This is how far grace will pursue. Shawn Brace brings remarkable insight to a topic in grave danger of becoming commonplace: grace. “A funny thing happens when one picks up the Old Testament,” says Brace. “Amidst the rubble of a supposedly angry God, one discovers quite the opposite…. The heart of this Testament reveals a God who loves. A God who cares. A God who pursues.” If the word grace has lost its resonance, Pursued will powerfully realign its significance and experience the life of anyone burnt out by “playing” church.