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Summer Vacations

Summer Vacations

September 5, 2006 by  
Filed under Rob Conway

[thumb:602:l] I remember going back to school after a nice summer break and each year the teacher would give us an assignment to answer the question ‘What did you do this summer?’ This was my favorite assignment all year. Probably because my parents didn’t give me many chances to be bored. I’ll never forget one summer travelling across the U.S. in our Datsun; down to swampy Louisiana across the flat never-ending roads in Texas, the cactus desert in New Mexico, up through the Rockies of Colorado and on to Big Sky country–Montana. My favorite memory from that trip was seeing Yellowstone National Park with the buffalo and Ol’ Faithful. That’s a family vacation I still hold close. But you know, it wasn’t so much all the places I got to see that made it memorable. It was getting the chance to spend time with both my mom and dad all to myself. My siblings were all grown up and I was able to spend it with them–and a few other close relatives we visited along the way.

With Labor Day over, all we may have is a few memories from our summer. But I hope the ones you have will last. Because it’s not all about vacations and traveling. It’s about the quality time you spent together that you and your kids may be able to look back on twenty years from now and say ‘hey remember when…’

Feel free to leave your comments below and share what made your summer so memorable.


4 Responses to “Summer Vacations”
  1. Thanks for sharing this information all this are of extreme use.

  2. Christine says:

    Is it you I hear talk about the football team you coach at your church? If so is there a big youth/young adult ministry there and what is the name of the church?


  3. Annamarie Belmaggio says:

    Hi mr. rob, you don’t know me but I met you at my friend Andrew’s house. When I found out that you live like five minutes from me I was like Oh my gosh that so cool!!! You are so funny and I look forward to 3pm but you haven’t been on lately. Could you update and let me know when you come on??

  4. Sheila Cherubin says:

    Hi Rob, Where are you at 3 pm? I usually work in a call center but was off this week and looked forward to hearing you ??? I would like to know if you changed shifts. Thanks for the update.

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