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  • The antics continue…

    August 2, 2006 by  
    Filed under Morning Show

    [thumb:581:l]I walked into the office this morning at 5am, flicked on the light, and almost jumped out of my skin when I saw an overstuffed, hairy gorilla wearing a white WGTS 91.9 t-shirt and Luis Palau sunvisor staring at me. That’s when I realized that Ty was at it again with his practical jokes. Yesterday he rearranged the keys on my telephone keypad – a great joke I must admit, and one that took quite a bit of time to pull off. This time he had help from our production assistant, Adonijah (aka Addy). But that wasn’t all. When I sat down at my desk and turned on my laptop, I was jolted out of my seat when I heard a loud pop, much like you’d hear when there’s an overload of electricity for the outlet. Naturally I peered under the desk to see if I smelled smoke or something burning. I didn’t smell anything but I did find scrap paper from a small firecracker device.

    If you remember those small pellets that you’d throw on the ground to hear them go “pop” when you were smaller then you know what I’m talking about. Somehow these guys had gotten their hands on some and placed them in spots they’d knew I be in. This means war now, and I did figure out a way to get him back. It’s pretty frustrating when you’re on the phone and need to write something down but can’t because either the pen doesn’t work or you can’t find one. Now imagine going through all the drawers in your desk and not finding a single one. Yep, I cleaned him out! Of course Becky thinks we’re all a bunch of second-graders.  She leaves her two little boys at home for 8 hours to come and work with…well, more little boys.


    3 Responses to “The antics continue…”
    1. Nice post, keep up the excellent work

    2. Brennan says:

      Thanks Chrystal,

      Great ideas! Now I just need to find a way to block Ty from reading these blogs.  Unfortunately he\’s privy to this top secret information. Nonetheless …(This is Ty, I\’ve taken over this keyboard, Brennan can\’t reply right now, he\’s busy, thanks for understanding …)

    3. Chrystal Hoover says:

      I’ve got a few suggestions for ya to get back at them. I did this one to a guy at work on my last day, he wanted my desk and since I was leaving he finally got it. If Ty has a flipper over his desk (it’s like a drawer but it flips instead of rolls open) take a few small paper cups and fill them with things like small paper holes, paper clips, pencil shavings, anything small that will scatter easily. Put those cups on the inside edge of the flipper and attach a string from the cups to the flipper, so that when he opens the flipper the cups and everything in them will fly out of the flipper. (What a mess that will be!)

      You can also attach the cup and string to the phone on his desk so that when he answers the phone the cup will release all that stuff.

      If he has a desktop computer, switch the keyboard and the mouse (from the back of the computer swap outlets) this way when he first looks at it he doesn’t realize they aren’t plugged in.

      Hope that helps, Chrystal

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