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  • The New Face of Highway Safety??

    June 17, 2009 by  
    Filed under Morning Show


    A student from NC State came up with this clever little sculpture affectionately dubbed the “barrel monster.”  Police don’t think it’s so cute and have charged him with larceny for stealing and damaging the traffic barrels.  I think they’re missing an awesome opportunity to discover the new face of highway safty!  With just the name he could probably save a lot of lives!

    Names we’ve come up with:

    • Connar the Barbarian
    • Cone-man
    • Ted
    • Gumby

    Leave your names below:


    3 Responses to “The New Face of Highway Safety??”
    1. SLOW DOWN SONAR! says:

      when people see his teeth they will know they’ve been spotted and that they have to do a “check-up from the neck-up”…were they speeding? I love Sonar! Rock on Sonar! -Laura L.

    2. Chaplain Ro says:


      Barrel Man

      The Incredible Barrel

      Barreliath (Golaith)


    3. Mark says:

      “My Way on the Highway”…

      “First in Fright” (NC license plate slogan is “First in Flight”)


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