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  • Things I’ve Learned from Fatherhood (so far)

    November 3, 2008 by  
    Filed under Morning Show

    - You never wake a sleeping baby…he’d feed every two to three hours and sometimes it’s best to let him wake up on his own.

    - You’ve got to change diapers quickly. Kids are very wiggly and sometimes aren’t quite finished doing their business.

    - It’s hard to resist leaning into the crib and kissing him on the forehead as he sleeps peacefully…both Cassandra and I sometimes just stand over the crib, looking at him while he sleeps…relishing in the calm before the storm…

    - You learn how to exist off of catnaps…when the baby sleeps, you sleep…cause when he’s up, you’re not going to get much sleep.

    - You’ve got to decipher what each cry means…and there’s no manual for it because every child is different, so we go through the routine…check his diaper – does he need to be changed? Is he hungry? Does he need to be burped…when he arches his back like that does it mean he wants to stretch or does he need to be burped again?


    2 Responses to “Things I’ve Learned from Fatherhood (so far)”
    1. Jim Dickie says:

      Hey Brennan,

      I know where you are. I became a dad a year and a half ago….and it opened a whole new world. I wanted to share a song I wrote for my little boy.

      Through The Eyes of a Child
      James Dickie
      Inspired By: David James Dickie

      Lord, It seems I’ve spent many days
      Without ever acknowledging you
      Then you blessed me with a baby
      And I can no longer deny
      That you are always by my side

      Through the eyes of a child
      You expose wonders galore
      Miracles gone unnoticed before
      Through the eyes of a child
      You show me
      How exciting each day can be
      Through the eyes of a child
      You unlock the mystery
      And what a glorious world I see

      I see splendor through my son’s eyes
      As he gazes at a wind blown leaf
      Or intently studies a butterfly
      I’m convinced I feel your breath
      As he falls to sleep on my chest

      Repeat ch

      You’ve allowed my heart to grow
      And taste a bit of your essence
      A flavor only a parent knows
      Now I say my prayers each night
      Knowing you’ve brought me such delight

      Repeat ch

      Through the eyes of a child
      I see you, Lord
      Through the eyes of a child
      I see you

    2. Robert Gay says:


      You are well on your way to becoming a member of the Daddy Club. Love your comment about deciphering your son’s needs. Believe, even when they can express it later in words, you will still need to decipher whether or not they really need or just want it. Get as many catnaps as you can and enjoy being a father.

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