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Tomorrow is the BIG day

Tomorrow is the BIG day

August 2, 2011 by  
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I can’t believe tomorrow is the BIG day.  I’m travelling to Nicaragua –by myself!  Without my husband and without carrying a diaper bag and extra snacks for the kids, it almost feels too weird.  After so many years, I get to do something that is all about me and God!  I know you understand.  I will miss my family so much but for five days I won’t belong to my own children –I will belong to the children I get to meet in the schools and churches that work with Compassion International.  To those kids, I will represent you, and the hope of more of you.  Your sponsorship changes their lives and I will experience this for myself and report back to you of the many ways your contributions help to make their lives better.

I’m really excited and so should you, let’s get ready to change lives!
For now, I must go and finish packing (yikes!) and shower my babies in kisses (I’m missing them already!).